High Water Taproom

We’ve got some exciting news here at High Water…the grand opening of our brand new taproom and beer garden! This October, we’ll be opening up shop in Lodi, California.  We’ll be just off Highway 99 in Lodi wine country, the heart of the Central Valley. Known as the Zinfandel Capitol of the world, Lodi is home to some 85 wineries and soon to be 5 breweries!

Inside will be our open air tasting room and outside you’ll be able to enjoy our brews in a 5,000 square foot beer garden. And with pizza ovens onsite, we’ll keep you fed! Our address will be:

927 Industrial Way
Suite A
Lodi, CA 95240

Stay tuned to our taproom page on the website for more details HighwaterBrewing.com/Lodi-Taproom

Violets Are Blue, our latest Calambic release

Violets Are Blue is the newest Calambic barrel aged sour beer to be introduced by High Water Brewing.  It will showcase the first in their new, updated label design for their barrel aged sour program.


While pursuing a MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Bella Huang chose High Water Brewing for her project assignment.  The objective was to re-brand and create a packaging system for an existing beer or wine.  By happenstance, High Water Brewing saw Bella’s work and asked her to join them in the design process for a re-launch of their Calambic barrel aged sour beer series.  High Water Brewing is proud to introduce for it’s fist time, Violets Are Blue featuring the new artwork by Bella Huang.

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Campfire Stout with Coffee is here!

We’re stoked to announce the release of a Cold Pressed Coffee infused version of our award-winning flagship beer, Campfire Stout.  Campfire Stout with Coffee blends a proprietary cold press coffee from fellow Stockton small business Trail Coffee Roasters.

“Campfire Stout was an immediate hit when we originally released it six years ago. It’s become a beer we’re known for so we spent a lot of time making sure this new coffee version is just right” said Steve Altimari, President and Brewmaster of High Water. “We worked closely with Trail Coffee to develop our own “Campfire Roast” blend and have been very happy with the initial reaction from our fans.”

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High Water expands to Massachusetts with Night Shift Distributing

We’re thrilled to share that our beer will now be available in Massachusetts thanks to our new partnership with Night Shift Distributing. This latest addition to the distribution mix puts High Water brews in fourteen states across the country.


With fans regularly requesting our beers in the Northeast, Night Shift’s presence in Massachusetts brings another important state to our North Eastern footprint from Pennsylvania and New York up into New England. Night Shift’s commitment to complete cold-chain life-cycle for all products and no archaic lifetime contracts were two key components solidifying the decision.


“Having a smaller independent distributor who really cares about things that we care about as a brewery makes all the difference”, noted our President and Brewmaster Steve Altimari.


Now in our seventh year of production, we look forward to building on our foundation of consistent annual growth and an expanding portfolio of “Unique Flavors for the Curious Palate”.

Aphotic Wins Label Award

We’re stoked to share our Aphotic Imperial Porter labels won the Grand Award for Innovation at the Visual Media Alliance Showcase Awards thanks to the stellar printing from our friends at Best Label and design from WaveTrain! The Showcase Awards is a visual media competition covering Northern California and Northern Nevada.

These particular labels are printed Flexographic using the newest LED technologies and custom expanded color gamut process. The material substrate used is Silver Metalized Film (BOPP). Best Label applies opaque white ink first in specific areas that need to be a solid color with no metallic elements. They then print additional process colors over the opaque white and remaining silver areas. This print process allows the remaining silver areas to have multiple colors that give off their own individual metallic/foil appearance.

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The Story of High Water Brewing


Our story begins in the small farm town of Romulus, NY – part of the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY where Steve Altimari is from…

Born and raised here, Steve attended college at nearby Alfred University. After graduating with a Ceramic Engineering degree, the industry of the same name promptly collapsed. With a question mark on the future, the road called Steve’s name. He hopped in the cab of a truck for a one-way trip out west to meet up with some friends in Santa Cruz, CA. Which also, unbeknownst at the time, inspired the name of the kiwi and kumquat sour in our Calambic series – West Meets East.

While living at the beach and selling cameras at a local store was all good, a customer learned of Steve’s ceramic engineering background and helped him score an interview at Intel, where he worked for the next 10 years. It’s during this period that Steve got into home brewing and shortly won a Gold medal for his Barley Wine at the local Celtic Fair competition. From here, his operation escalated from the stove top to the garage to a homemade gravity fed 3 tier homebrew system. Though working full time at Intel, all Steve’s free time was spent brewing beer and hosting friends to enjoy it. A light goes off that it’s time for a change…

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Four New Seasonal Saisons

We’re pleased to announce the release of our Petit Saison Fall Ale, the first in a series of barrel aged Petit Saisons.

Each Saison will focus on flavors reflective of the season the beer was produced in. The beers are aged in used wine barrels and finished with a light dry hopping. Each release will be fermented with different strains of yeast as well as varying malts from our great friends at Mecca Grade Estate Malts in Madras, Oregon. As an added twist, small amounts of Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus were added during the barrel aging to produce complex layers of flavor and aroma and a dry finish.

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A Day in the Life of a Cucumber Wrangler

Up before the crack of dawn, the Cucumber Wrangler’s day starts with a lengthy stroll thru the rows and rows of knee high plants loaded with a cornucopia of the Central Valley.  As the sun peeks up over the Sierra Nevada range, the true bounty begins to shimmer as rays of golden sunlight sparkle off the plump fruit hanging off the luscious cucumber plants.  Today will be harvest day and the journey these green treasures will embark on is just about to begin. A mere 75 days ago the small seeds sprouted and began the process which brought them into their final form.  Twelve long hot hours later, the harvest is complete for the day, and the freshly picked fruit resting in the traditional central valley wooden crates begin to make their way to the cool storage shed where they will spend the night.

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An Interview With Steve

If you’re reading this, you probably know Steve Altimari is President and Brewmaster of High Water Brewing. But do you know how he got here, who inspired him or whether he’s a dog or cat guy? Thanks to the folks over at Five Hundred Stories and their interview with Steve, we can share all this and more right here. Cheers!


After a 12-year career in the Silicon Valley tech world, Steve decided on a career change and attended the American Brewers Guild in Davis. He then took the helm as brewmaster at Valley Brewing Company until June 2010, including ownership during 1996 and 1997. Leveraging this successful brewing career, Steve embarked on the formation of High Water Brewing, with final licensing and production commencing in March 2011.  “High Water” being a playful interpretation of Altimari from Italian, “Alta” meaning High and “Mare” meaning Sea or Water.

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