High Water Brewing Launches with Award-Winning Brewmaster Steve Altimari

After a short absence, brewmaster Steve Altimari and John Anthony burst back onto the craft brewing scene with the launch of a new brewery called High Water Brewing and the promise of some “seriously good beers.”

San Leandro, CA, January, 10, 2011 — Award-winning brewmaster Steve Altimari has begun production on the flagship product for his new venture, an artisanal craft brewery, High Water Brewing.

The flagship brew – dubbed “Hop Riot IPA” and described as an “American IPA with a definitive ‘Left Coast’ attitude” – will be among the first offerings from High Water Brewing.  It will be joined by “Retribution Imperial IPA” and “Old and In the Way Barley Wine”.

“Our goal is to pour High Water’s first beers, Hop Riot and Retribution, at the San Francisco Beer Week’s Gala opener on February 11,” said Altimari.

He promises the initial offerings “will be followed by other innovative and exciting brews.” Beer fans can expect that promise to be fulfilled because creatively brewed beers with playful flavor surprises are hallmarks of Altimari’s style.

After his departure as longtime brewmaster for Valley Brewing, Altimari decided to launch a new enterprise and take the craft of beer making to the next level.  Leveraging his successful 15 year industry career, he partnered with John Anthony and Lane Anthony, also both seasoned veterans of the craft brewing industry, to start their own California Bay Area brewery.

In addition to serving as Brewmaster, Altimari is the company President; John Anthony is CEO and will head up the sales effort. Lane Anthony is Board Secretary and will also be involved with sales. The High Water team is rounded out by legal counsel Kevin Sweeney and CFO Davin Abrahamian.

Inspired by the most creative brewing practices and styles across the world, Altimari and the father-son Anthonys have combined their visions of “creating unique, flavorful beers and distributing them to as many people as possible.”

Altimari will craft High Water beers at Drake’s Brewhouse in San Leandro, CA, and fermentation will occur in High Water tanks at the same location. High Water beers will be available in 5.0 and 15.5 gallon kegs and also bottled in 22 oz bombers.

Building on a relationship that Altimari and the Anthonys have developed over a number of years with that brewery, “Drakes seemed a natural fit for us because each of us has worked with them in one capacity or another, from distribution to collaborative brewing,” said John Anthony. “When Drakes owner John Martin agreed, we were ecstatic.”

About the Company: Based in San Leandro, CA, High Water Brewing is a partnership with principals Steve Altimari, John Anthony, Lane Anthony, Kevin Sweeney and Davin Abrahamian serving as company officers and on the board of directors. Currently, capital is being raised for the new venture and the board has authorized the sale of one million shares at ten cents per share, with a minimum investment of $250 and a maximum investment of $25,000.

Contact Information:
John Anthony, CEO/Director of Sales
High Water Brewing
(530) 515-4346