High Water and Hopsy

We’re stoked to announce our partnership with Hopsy, the Bay Area beer enthusiasts that have created a business to bring fresh High Water, and other local beer, to the doorsteps of our fans. Our brews are live on Hopsy so be sure to go check it out here!

As all beer lovers know, it’s hard to beat a fresh, cold draft beer. Certainly a Campfire Stout on tap at the pub is ideal but sometimes you want the same thing at home. Until recently, you’ve had 2 real options to make this happen. 1) Buy a keg. Which you won’t hear us complaining about but it’s certainly not for everyone. 2) Fill up a growler. We love growlers as much as the next person but are left impressed with how Hopsy has improved them. They’ve got two ways to bring fresh High Water beer to your home.

These baby glass growlers are a step up from your typical version. For one, they hold 32 ounces of beer instead of 64 – hence the name. Given the short shelf life of beer once a growler is opened, this smaller size allows you to enjoy a couple pints versus trying to house a half gallon in one night. They also fill the bottle with CO2 before filling it with beer. You can read the science on their website, but this process keeps oxygen – enemy to beer freshness – at bay, to the point that a growlette will stay fresh for up to 30 days unopened.


The HomeTap is a countertop draft beer gizmo that lets you plug-and-play 2 liter bottles full of fresh, cold High Water brew. Drop in a bottle of High Water, pull the tap and you’ve got a kegerator on your counter. Best of all, these HomeTap bottles of beer will stay fresh for 15 days after tapping. As you pour your beer, the Hometap uses air to press the beer out of the tap and into your glass – all without the beer ever touching outside air. Pretty cool.


One of the most unique pieces to this partnership is that we fill the growlettes and HomeTap bottles directly here at High Water and Hopsy keeps them refrigerated from filling at the brewery to delivery at your home, with as little as 2 days between each. There’s a lot more information on their website that you should check out because they’ve got a pretty cool thing going here. And we’re thrilled to be on board!


P.S. Although they’re not yet available by the growlette, in the near future you will be able to buy 500 mL bottles of our famous CAlambic series of beers!