High Water and Tavour

Imagine a 5 year old child’s face on Christmas morning. Pure ecstasy, nearly foaming at the mouth with excitement and possibly requiring parental guidance on the urge to tear all the wrapping paper off their bounty without blinking. If you’ve ever received a box of beer at your front door you know that as a beer loving adult, the reaction is the same, likely without parents to keep you in line. This is basically what Tavour, who we are thrilled to be partnered with, does. Deliver lovely boxes of High Water and other fine brews to your doorstep.

We have fans around the country asking when they’ll be able to get High Water locally and while we’re always working to increase distribution, the Tavour approach fills some of these gaps perfectly. With 14 states currently online and more to come, our fans will have a simple way to get their hands on our Calambic series and Aphotic, just to name a few. In fact, Aphotic is available to Tavour members right now on their website!


One of our favorite aspects of Tavour is their epic beer descriptions. Really, they’re short stories that dive deep on what each one of beers is all about. We don’t have the space on our labels to get this in depth so it’s a great way for our fans, new and long-standing, to learn about what’s in each bottle. Get a load of this write up for Ramble on Rose from our Calambic lineup:


I went to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Event in San Fran last weekend for one reason:  To taste the best Sours in the country.  Some of the long lines were expected (here’s looking at you Russian River), and some were a revelation.

There was a lot of new buzz surrounding the Sour Ales at High Water Brewing’s booth.  After tapping a fresh keg of one of their award-winners, the lines immediately built up.  

As soon I sipped Ramble on Rose’s puckering, complex depths, I knew I had to bring some home. With a taste of this barrel-aged, fruit infused masterpiece, you’ll get a comprehensive taste of High Water’s knack for Sour elegance:

Aged an entire year in wine barrels, this is one of the most intricate tasting Sours I’ve ever had.  A flurry of tartness from fresh, local blueberries and the delicate florality of real rose petals and rose hips.  Aromas of handpicked American Beauty roses rise up from the glass entwined with darkly sweet berries.  Sipping hits you with a silken wave of rosé wine-like tart, and additions of pink peppercorns amplify the finish with a mellow kick of soft and fruity spice.

Between the great brews from Russian River, Almanac, and High Water, Central California is becoming the “Sour Hub” of American craft beer.  Get a taste of the region’s sour possibilities from one of the best with High Water’s limited edition Ramble on Rose.


So, be sure to go check Tavour out and let us know what you think. Cheers!