• 22 oz Bottles and 5.16/15.5 Gal Draft
  • 6.5% ABV
  • 65 IBU

No Boundary IPA is a beer that will evolve over time with the seasons and available ingredients each time I brew it. There will be certain elements of the beer that will remain constant. The first batch in 2011 was brewed with Westmalle yeast, Galaxy hops from Australia, Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Additional additions of Lemon Verbena and Start Anise were added in the whirlpool. The beer had an enormous dank nose and a high level of finishing dryness and bitterness from the Lemon Verbena.

The 2012 batches followed a similar malt bill to the first batch but a different strain of Belgian yeast from the Ardenne region was chosen. A slightly lower level of Lemon Verbena was used and the hops chosen were Green Bullet and Mouteka both from New Zealand. Released for SF Beer Week 2012.

Starting in 2013 we have switched over to an American Ale yeast strain but the focus on Southern Hemisphere hops is still a predominant feature of this beer.

I hope you enjoy this seasonal treat.

Cheers!!! Steve