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The Crew


Meet Our Brew Enthusiasts

Leveraging a successful 15 year brewing career, Brewmaster Steve Altimari embarked on the formation of High Water Brewing, with final licensing and production commencing in March 2011.   “High Water” being a playful interpretation of Altimari from Italian, “Alta” meaning High and “Mare” meaning Sea or Water.

Inspired by the most respected and creative brewing practices and styles around the world, Steve’s love of beer and unbridled passion for all things flavorful have led to a line of products that represent the very best of the best.   Assisted by his business partner Barri, with her culinary background and prowess in flavorology, they create a product portfolio that has a little something for everyone. From the classic styles to the esoteric. “Unique Flavors for the Curious Palate”.

Leading the Sales and Distribution Team is Mike Peasley, another seasoned veteran of the brewing world with a deep background in both brewing and sales. High Water Beers are now distributed in Northern, Central and Southern California, Nevada, Washington State, Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, New York State, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Japan, Taipei, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Rome, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium, Latvia, Poland, Australia and many other new locations around the world.

Keep an eye out for High Water products at a craft beer location near you!


Steve Altimari

Brewmaster &



Barri Altimari

Co-Owner & CFO: Chief Flavor Officer


Ian Churchill

Head Brewer


Kevin J. Sweeney

Legal Counsel/Board Secretary


Dave Keno

Sales and Marketing Manager

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